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Alan D Rogers (May 2013)
Teacher, Cabinet Making Department
Rosemount Technology Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I have been a teacher in the Cabinet Making Department of Rosemount Technology Centre in Montreal, Quebec for twenty years. Roxanna Bauer was a student of mine from March 2011 through June 2012. Her analytical and hand skills consistently put her at the top of her class. Her interpersonal skills are exemplary; she was a leader in her group and a pleasure to have in the department. Roxanna was studying and producing wonderful life-like carvings of birds outside the department while she was studying with us which was an additional benefit to her classmates (and teachers) when she brought them in to share and discuss. I highly recommend Roxanna. She is smart, hardworking, pleasant and dependable.

Karl Bauer(June 2013)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Roxie is one of the most creative and talented people I know. In addition to having studied hard to learn professional woodworking skills, she possesses an innate artistry which allows her to personalize her projects and add originality to her works. I have seen her produce masterworks, from lifelike bird carvings to ornate, marquetry-inlaid tables. In addition to producing sturdy, well-crafted pieces, she is able to infuse all of her works with incredible beauty. She works with a passion which comes out clearly in her finished products, whether for a commission or just for the sake of doing the work she loves.

Floyd Scholz (June 2013)
Hancock, Vermont, USA

Now more than ever, people hunger for something real, something handmade, something that reminds us all of what matters most in life… honesty and integrity. The artistry and formidable talent of Roxanna Bauer is like a shining light in an age of mediocrity. The care and attention to detail she puts into each and everything she does speaks volumes about the kind of person she is. Her talents express more than just mere craftsmanship, her talents express… love. A love of tradition, of honesty and of life!

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