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her story  

RoXie, Tree Resurrector (Woodworker), has been working with wood since 2005. She discovered her passion in her teens while learning the art of bird carving. Since then she graduated with a D.E.P. (Dipl├┤me d'├ętudes professionnelles) from RTC and has pursued a career in wood working, wood sculpting, cabinetmaking, etc.


Hawk carving in various stages of completion that won ribbons at the 2013 Hunting Fishing and Camping Show in Montreal.



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her story "MY MENTORS"


Bob Comeau

I met Bob Comeau in 2006 playing music at the Wheel Club. Having become his friend at this social gathering, I learned that, in his retirement, not only did he take up playing guitar, but he also mastered the art of bird-carving. His love for the art is made known through the way he wishes to share it with everyone he meets. He offered to take me on as a student for carving birds out of tupelo wood, I jumped on the opportunity as a hobby, never to conceive that it would bring me this far, although Bob always told me that it could. Bob's dreams in passing on the art-form are to have his students become teachers themselves, and to have his students meet and learn under his mentor, Floyd Scholz. I am entirely grateful to Bob Comeau for introducing me to this art-form and to the people who partake in it. I've made so many passionate, encouraging, and talented friends.

Floyd Scholz, Mastercarver

Floyd Scholz, Mastercarver, teaches seminars on bird-carving through his Vermont Raptor Academy. My first seminar with him was in October of 2012 in Bennington Vermont. We made a red-shouldered hawk and Floyd awakened in me talents and passions that I did not realize I possessed. With his instruction, I exceled not only at the rough carving, shaping and rounding aspects of carving, but the meticulous and detailed procedures of feathering, facial details, burning, as well as painting. Floyd inspired me and encouraged me to take my carving abilities to a deeper level than just as a hobby. I've been to several other seminars with him and with each one, my passion and excitement at creating a new piece grows, and shows in the final result.

Rosemount Technology Centre

After having completed a Liberal Arts program in college, then a bachelor of arts in History in university, I still hadn't found a career option that enticed me. I enrolled in the cabinetmaking program at RTC in March of 2011 as a deviation from traditional studies and to enlighten my true interests: creating and working with my hands. My true passions had always been pursued as a hobby for me, RTC had me realize the possibility of doing what I love as a career. All of the staff in the cabinetmaking department at RTC have rich, experienced lives in wood working and they are all passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with their students. Nearly every teacher for each module we completed inspired me in their teachings, having shown me something that I had the potential to excel at. Each aspect of woodworking that we were taught, I was able to take with me to create experiences of my own. Upon completion of the program, I was presented the award for Acheivement and Outstanding Performance in Cabinetmaking for 2012. Receiving recognition as such had me truly realize my path, my career, my goal. I am a wood worker, my task is to recreate the beauty of life in nature as functional furniture and decorative art. I am a Tree-Resurrector.

Honorable Mentions

Much appreciation and big thank-yous also go out to Brenda Fry (artistic painter), Alan White (cabinetmaker), Sylvain Courcelles (luthier), Peter Wilcox (carpenter/cabinetmaker), Andre Meloche (contractor/landscaper), Anny Mueller (engineer/web designer), and Oma.

RoXie Bauer, Tree-Resurrector

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